Almost all of my clients come to me via recommendations from existing clients. Below are some testimonies of what people have said about their treatments with me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to have a chat about your specific needs.


I want to express my appreciation for your helpful treatment, Maeve. Not only are your massages marvellous, but you have such a good understanding of the position of carers. I hope you are able to continue to treat people with caring responsibilities.

- Jeanne Warren

Thank God for Maeve!

Maeve has been a Godsend to me over the years as I am allergic to many of the regular pain-relief remedies you would get from your GP. In fact after major back surgery Maeve visited me to give pain relief and get me through a very difficult time. I have also learnt some very useful relaxation techniques to help in times of stress on the Mindfulness courses she runs. I would, and do, recommend her to all my friends.

- Debbie

The last resort...

I came to acupuncture as a last resort for dealing with stress and exhaustion, and now wish I had tried it years ago. It is helping me enormously. I find that after a treatment I generally feel much the same, but as the day goes on I improve very rapidly indeed, so within a few hours I feel completely different. The change is so strong that there's no doubt in my mind it's coming from the acupuncture and massage that Maeve O'Donnell does, particularly as I'm still a skeptic at heart! This is a wonderful warm practitioner, and I know that talking through my problems during treatments is helping as much as the treatment itself.‎

- Julia

Help for MS

I have suffered for many years from Multiple Schlerosis and have found Maeve's regular treatments invaluable for maintaining my energy levels and controlling the pain associated with the condition. Last year I suffered a mild heart attack and feel sure the treatments helped accelerate my recovery on my return home from hospital.

- Beryl Nisbet

Somebody understands!

I was caring for my elderly mum and my husband, who had Parkinson's disease. Mum not at all mobile, and my husband only mobile with help. I was physically and mentally exhausted; the Carers Centre (Oxford) gave me six vouchers to use for some support. I chose acupuncture because I thought I didn't know anything about it and it might just be right for me. When I met Maeve the first thing she said to me was, 'what would you like me to do for you?'. I felt at last somebody understood how I was feeling and that she could help me. That was ?years ago - I can't remember how many! I have been able to feel physically and psychologically well and happy ever since our first consultation. Maeve has been my lifesaver and I look forward to each session with great pleasure.

- Nikki Clarke


I have been seeing Maeve for a number of reasons, the most debilitating thing being my hot sweats due to the menopause. She treated me with acupuncture and massage for this and also taught me a technique to be able to cope with them as they arise, this has helped tremendously. Maeve you have this very calming and tranquil way with your patients, I would, and have recommended you to other people - never give up what you do.

- Laura Green